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Mrs. Hattie Trotter passed on Sunday, October 9, 2011... age eighty-seven.... Thank you for modelling... phenomenally... upfront and unapologetic... largeness of spirit and heart.... That gift... your living legacy... lives on continuously. 

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Sooner or later – let’s make it sooner! – we have to take our world back. If you believe this as well, you may not be as clear as you would like to be on what comes next, and how to achieve it.


This website and the book Waking Up: Freeing Ourselves From Work are to help bring these issues into sharper focus and help move us along to our future freedom without bosses. The book is available free here to copy or to download the pdf:

"Waking Up" (pdf file)


...Or in hard copy by writing to:


NEWSE (Nascence to End Work Savings Endowment)

P.O. Box 3952

Berkeley, CA 94703


Or by emailing:



While the hard copy is offered free, we depend on donations to keep printing the book and giving it out.


Waking Up: Freeing Ourselves From Work explains how we came to be servants of an economic system, rather than the other way around. It proposes a theory of wholism for critiquing the present reality and envisioning the world we want, and then suggests concrete actions to help us get there.


There are three basic steps to enable our trust that we are up to this challenge. The first step is seeing reality. The next step is planning our withdrawal from a system unworthy of us. And the third step is taking action to implement our Plan, thereby seeing our power.


•        Seeing reality.
•        Planning our withdrawal from a system unworthy of us.
•        Taking action to implement that Plan and thereby seeing our power.


“Seeing reality” means achieving the certainty that:

•        No one else can tell you what work you’re here to do;
•        “Human intelligence is like water, air and fire – it cannot be bought or sold;”
•        Across all false divisions that states inculcate, people are people everywhere;

•        There are two winds: "the wind from above," and "the wind from below;" and
•        The “wind from above” (or “the pitiful-power-drunk-few”– "podrunks" for short) is very organized – and we must be as well;
•        The podrunks are reared to believe themselves “rulers” while we have been conditioned to serve.


“Seeing Our Power” means burying our first corpse (corporation) – and for reasons explained in the blog “Just Say No! – Make Coke the First Corpse to Go!” we suggest starting with Coca-Cola.


We hope once you read more on this website about how we got to be wage-slaves, and how we escape the cage, you will consider consciously joining “the wind from below” so that it will blow stronger.




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Book cover illustration of Steven Biko by Doug Minkler: